Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday Morning Life Drawing Session at TSA

Here are a few drawings from the session at Toronto School of Art. Still trying to get rid of the drawing rust and get moving again with my drawing and'll feel good when I can get going again on all cylinders.

From 23

From 23

From 23


Freddy Carrasco said...

these are really good man! your gettin better with every session

Bianca said...

agreed with freddy. I will join these sessions first Sunday of june. I've been too poor quite recently that i can't even pay for a life drawing session :'(. In any case, tell me all about TSA (aka where do I pay? and which room is it at?) I've never exactly been to the tsa, so tell me pls.

Adam Temple said...

Nice stuff. I can't wait to see your creature moving! The model looks dope!

Baran said...

Thanks everyone!

Bianca, you pay the moderator of the session at the first break. I don't know what the room number is, but it isn't very hard to find. You can either wander around till you find it or if you are indeed going to be there this coming Sunday, send me an e-mail and we can meet up in front of TSA.