Friday, July 3, 2009

Last Night's Life Drawing Session at TSA

Here are some life drawings from last night's life drawing session. I struggled quite a bit with a lot of things, but its expected. My anatomy knowledge is definitely getting fuzzy or lost all together. Looks like I'm gonna have to hit the books again to brush up on that. I tried mixing it up a little last night and returned to using conte to try to spark some change. It was nice to be able to really dig into the page again when drawing. In the end I came away with a few drawings that I am happy with and that makes for a good night of drawing.

From July 3

From July 3

From July 3


Yan said...

Do you guys have échorché or figure modeling class? I'm talking about the ones where you really get your hands dirty with clay. Highly recommended if you need to brush up on anatomy. BTW go to and click on the references section for links to a truckload of free art e-books.

Baran said...

We have briefly used clay and plasticine to study the figure in class, but nothing as in depth as what you are describing. I had thought about using sculpty to do some anatomy studies. I'll check out the the reference section. Thanks for the information.