Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Flash Animation Assignment - Scene One of Custard's Last Stand

This animation is a part of a longer animation that was assigned to our class as a group/class assignment this past winter semester 09. The larger animation was divided up by scenes and each scene was assigned to each student to animate. The characters were designed by my teacher, Barney Wornoff (, and the script for the animation is based on the material of the sketch comedy troupe that Barney is a part of, called the shrimps ( I will be posting a link to the the completed animation once it has been posted online.


----------------- said...

that's pretty damn awesome! lol

1st time seeing it , I never saw the full animation either but must've been great overall

Hyoyong Koo said...

I like how this turned out.
Still can't put in that background?
Did barney manage to get it in there? lol

I haven't seen the full animation for this yet either. Let me know when it goes up

Baran said...

Thanks guys.

Barney did manage to get the background into the file without crashing the program, but I do not have that version on hand. You will have to wait for the full animation to be uploaded. I will let you know when that happens.