Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Layout Assignment: WIP

I haven't been able to upload anything new lately so I thought I would put up a couple of works in progress. These two pieces are for my layout class. The assignment is to create two layouts based on any subject matter we wish. There were no guidelines given for this layout other than the fact that we had to produce line work and keep in mind that we were also going to tone the layout. Without further ado here they are:

From baran_mong_layout
From baran_mong_layout


dorothy. said...

ah, now that it's closer to complete, your moutain-man is much more obvious. and the hand looks good.

i'm actually quite interested in the second one. i can see the little kid in the middle, something like a hand on the bottom right, and then the trees look interesting, but i can't determine what it is that makes it so interesting....

three thumbs up!


Baran said...

Hey, thanks. There are still some things that are off in both pieces, but I am hoping a couple more passes of revisions will help clarify things. I'll probably refrain from explaining whats going on in both pieces until I'm done the revisions or even until I have completed the pieces.

Anonymous said...

hey baran! this is thea =) great layouts, I especially like the first one! it'll look amazing once cleaned and painted.

Baran said...

Thanks Thea,

I look forward to finishing it up as well, but I don't think I'll be able to paint them until the summer. I'm gonna make some revisions over summer before I take a crack at painting them.