Thursday, January 15, 2009

Maquette - Final

I have finally finished my maquette...yay! In the end, the maquette wasn't developed or finished to the level that I had originally envisioned, but I'm satisfied with the end product and I am definitely ready to move on. I have learned a lot from this project and look forward to making my next Maquette (hopefully in the not too distant future). Here are some pictures:

From Maquette - Final

From Maquette - Final

From Maquette - Final

From Maquette - Final

From Maquette - Final


----------------- said...

sick HANDS!!!

wait make that sick arms!

sick paints too!

Warren said...

looks awesome!

requesting a close up on the eyes/teeth!

those teeth look pretty detailed, but i'd like a closer view!

Baran said...

Hey Warren,

Thanks for the comments, unfortunately I do not have access to my maquette at the moment, but I think if you click through the pictures to my Picasa albums there might be some close up shots of the face. If there isn't anything there that shows you what you want then I'll be sure to send one to you when I get access to my maquette again.