Wednesday, January 21, 2009

If my maquette was a concept painting...

I was taking a break from work and decided I wanted to change my desktop background. I ended up taking a couple of my maquette pictures and fooling around with them in Photoshop and the painting filters resulting in the images below.

From backgrounds

From backgrounds


Anonymous said...

Hey baron, its peter (vince's brother) Love your work! Your sculpture is just amazing! The face reminds me of that creature from starwars (when luke falls into java's death pit haha). The muscle detail is just amazing. Great painting job too! I hope i can see it someday in person.

My website is finally up, come check it out



Baran said...

Thanks Pete,

yah, after I finished it I did realize there was that similarity, I guess there is always that subconscious influence from the world around us that inspires us when we create work. I'll be sure to check out your site to check out your work. Thanks again for checking out my work.