Sunday, November 23, 2008

Single Sentence Animation

From singleSentence

This is my latest animation assignment that I completed for class. The project was to animate and lip sync a character to a prerecorded audio track. The sentence had to be from 7-10 words long. I'm still having some trouble keeping loose and fluid with my drawings when I animate, but overall my progress has been pretty positive.


Anonymous said...

Pretty good man!
I like that streak as he whips back into place. Fun acting too :)
A couple things to keep in mind for next time. I hope I dont come across too harsh here haha.
-Watch your volumes, they shift alot through here. His shins shrink quite a bit through the whole thing.
-He sorta feels a bit off balance during his "hoooo-eee!" I dunno, I'd have to step through it to be sure though.
-Finally, i'd like to see you push his mouth shapes a little further, to make them a little more visible to the eye.
Let me know what you think of this advice man, hope it helps :)

Baran said...

Hey man,

The critique is not harsh at all. The criticism is always appreciated. I have been having trouble with animation this term so its good to hear concrete feedback as to where I can focus my efforts for a more effective outcome. I think you are on the ball with all three comments. I think if i can find my groove back for animating things will start coming together more. Anyway, thanks again. Feel free to leave a critique any time.