Sunday, November 23, 2008


Here are some studies of my hand that I completed for life drawing class.

Returning to Cafe/Bus Sketching

From Cafe Sketches
From Nov 19 2008

I have finally started to sketch on the bus and in cafes again. Its nice to draw for fun again and I find its one of the only things that keeps me awake on the bus now a days.

Maquette - Final Character Design Assignment

Here are some progress shots of my maquette for character design class. The assignment is to design two characters based on a script that we each wrote up for storyboarding class. For each character we are to create model sheets and character rotations. The second portion of the assignment is to create a maquette of one of the characters.

Thus far, my progress has been pretty slow. I at first thought that this would go faster given I have had previous experience with sculpting (clay and sculpty), but I forgot to factor in my 7 year hiatus...needless to say its been a struggle to find my footing again with sculpting. Slowly, but surely I guess.

Single Sentence Animation

From singleSentence

This is my latest animation assignment that I completed for class. The project was to animate and lip sync a character to a prerecorded audio track. The sentence had to be from 7-10 words long. I'm still having some trouble keeping loose and fluid with my drawings when I animate, but overall my progress has been pretty positive.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Life Drawings - Nov. 12 2008

Here are some life drawings from class.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Helpful Horoscope

I read my horoscope from time to time for the hey of things. It's not that I believe what they have to say, but it is at times funny or entertaining to read none the less. I read my horoscope online from The Globe and Mail this morning and it reminded me of something that I'm sure we all know, but it is good to hear and actually think about from time time. Here's what I read:

TAURUS (April 21 - May 21): In the greater scheme of things your problems are of little consequence, and the sooner you accept that fact the sooner you can stop feeling sorry for yourself and start doing something useful with your life.

Don't wait for tomorrow - do it today.