Friday, October 10, 2008

Absolutely Incredible Animation

From Absolutely Incredible

I "finished" my Absoutely Incredible Animation Today. I ended up running low on time, so I had to cut some serious corners. In the end though I'm pretty happy with how it turned out considering the time contraints. If I get time in the summer or Christmas break I will probably try to rework it.

As a recap, for the assignment we were asked to design a character and then animate a lip sync to a provided audio file provided by our instructor.


Anonymous said...

Thats pretty awesome dude haha.

I could throw some crits around if you like, but im sure you already know what's what, so I'll leave all that alone haha.

Baran said...

Hey man,


Please leave a crit if you have one next time. There is always a possibility there is something I was not aware of. Thanks again for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Cool, I just didnt want to come in guns-a-blazin' if you didnt want any.

What I really think could benefit it a huge amount would be some antic and overshoot when he thrusts his arms out. It would create a more natural motion, instead of just point-to-point.

Maybe a few more breakdowns in that part too, just to separate his smile from his arm movement.

I love his face smoother though lol, that was awesome.