Saturday, September 20, 2008

Jekyll to Hyde Transformation

From Jekyll to Hyde Transformation

From bat work

From bat work

From bat work

Here is my Jekyll to Hyde transformation from first year. The assignment was to create our own version of a Dr. Jekyll to Hyde transformation. My back story involved a Pathologist who is infected with the Marburg virus while studying the virus. As a desperate measure the Pathologist attempts to create a cure from the antibodies of a bat (who have have been found to be immune to the virus). As an accidental result of this cure, the pathologist is transformed into a man-bat creature Hyde.

Looking back at this assignment is pretty hard. At the end of first year, I actually spent A LOT of time on this, but never got the outcome or payoff that I had hoped for. I ended up over working the designs and was left with too little time to complete the clean and colour versions. If I get the chance I hope to revisit this one day and do it right.

I have highlighted a few of the poses I was happy with.

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